The spouse or partner visa Australia is quite an important consideration for those who want to stay with their partners and spouse.
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Partner Visa Australia

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Many of you might be looking for information on the partner visa for Australia. Well, your quest for the right information ends here. It mainly concerns spouses of Australian visa holders and is quite complex in nature. Not only you have to get all documents ready before applying for the visa, the primary applicant also needs to have all financial documents ready before its application. The spouse visa Australia is quite an important consideration for those who want to stay with their partners and spouse.

Partner Visa Types

The Australian spouse visa is also called Australian Partner Visa. The Australian partner or spouse must be either a citizen or a permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand. This spouse visa Australia allows your spouse or partner to migrate to Australia with you. There are two types of visas, namely permanent and temporary visas. For a dependent, the best way is to move to Australia as a temporary visa holder at first. After it is granted, you can apply for a permanent one.

  • Provisional Partner Visa or Subclass 309

This is a temporary type of visa. You can convert it to permanent residency through subclass 100. You will likely get the visa after a year of application. It is for all those who are married or in a de facto relationship. If you are a spouse or partner, you need to apply from outside Australia. Moreover, your sponsor must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident. Additionally, you could also be a New Zealand citizen.

  • Permanent Partner Visa or Subclass 100

It is a permanent visa. You can apply for the visa, after two years of the approval of your provisional partner visa or subclass 309. If you already hold the Subclass 309 temporary visa, you are a candidate for this visa. You should be in a relationship with your Australian sponsor. Additionally, you should have lived for more than 2 years in Australia.

  • Temporary Partner Visa or Subclass 820

This is another temporary visa that we are talking about. You can convert it into a permanent residency or Subclass 801 visa. All those married or are in a de facto relationship with an Australian sponsor can apply for the visa. You can apply for this visa while staying in Australia.

  • Permanent Partner Visa or Subclass 801

It is a permanent visa, as the name suggests. You can apply for this visa two years after your Subclass 820 temporary partner visa has been granted. Let us find out more facets of this visa in detail. You can apply for the visa if you are still in a relationship with your Australian spouse or partner. Moreover, you should have lived with your Australian partner for more than two years in Australia.

  • Prospective Marriage Visa or Subclass 300

Some people also call it the Fiancée visa. It is a non-immigrant temporary visa, that allows you to stay in Australia for nine months. After that or within that period, you can marry your partner in Australia. Later on, you can upgrade to a Temporary partner visa or Subclass 820 visa. It applies to all those engaged to an Australian sponsor or citizen. You could also be in a de facto relationship for 12 months. If you plan to marry your Australian partner within 9 months of arrival in Australia, then this is for you.

  • Dependent Child Visa or Subclass 445

This is a temporary visa type. You also have the option to the subclass 100 or subclass 801 permanent visa application after this visa is granted. If you are a parent with Australian citizenship, and have a biological, step, or adopted child, you can take the child with you before he or she turns 25. Additionally, you must be able to provide residential as well as financial support for at least 2 years from thereon.

If you choose the visa type correctly, you will not have to face any surprizes during the process. Moreover, you can get it granted with minimal effort.

Partner Visa Australia Checklist

You can go through the below-mentioned documents and find out what you need to be ready with. Subclass 820 can serve as a base for all other partner visa applications. The documents that you need to be ready, include Form 80 for Character Assessment of Applicant and statutory declaration with third parties supporting your relationship.

The personal documents include passport, biodata, passport size photographs, birth certificate, court documents, deed poll, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, and military discharge papers. For finances, you need to be ready with bank statements, tax returns, and details of assets as well. Additionally, your academic papers and work experience might also be called for, if need be. The sponsor has to furnish evidence regarding his status as well in Australia. Apart from that, you have to get Australian Federal Police Clearance, Offshore Police clearance, and visa medical assessments.

Expense For Austrian Spouse Visas

The partner visa Australia cost is as following;

  • For Subclass 820, the partner visa cost is AUD 7,850 for most applicants.
  • For Subclass 300, It is AUD 1,310

The visa processing time may vary from 5 months to 31 months. However, you have to initiate it as soon as possible.

Who Is A De Facto Partner?

This is an important question that many people have. Your partner is a de facto partner if you are not legally married to one another. You have a trustworthy relationship that is continuing without breaks. Moreover, you should be committed to sharing your life together. The partners can be of the same sex. The relationship must have been in existence for more than 12 months.

Benefits Decoded  

By applying for this visa, you are eligible for Australian citizenship. You also get social security benefits as a result. Moreover, you can travel in and out of Australia for 5 years.

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