There are provisions under the law to gain entry to New Zealand based on sponsorship based on the partner visa of New Zealand.
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Partner Visa New Zealand

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Almost all people desire to be with their families, even while staying or working in foreign locales. These partner visas are a blessing for such people. If you are a partner to a New Zealand national, you may find this article useful. The New Zealand immigration department has defined the definition of Partner visa NZ on their website. However, the documentation for each type of partner and the criteria also changes. Read about them below.

Definition of Partnership

There are several varieties of partnerships that exist today. There may be the same sex- partnerships or heterosexual partnerships. Additionally, the partnership may be a legal marriage, a civil union, or a De facto relationship. With the changing nature of the partnership, the conditions and the laws change.

The authorities will ensure that you are in a stable and genuine partnership before granting a visa. The meaning of living together is better ascertained in the following manner. Living together means sharing the same accommodation for daily living needs. It does not include spending time with one another at each other’s homes and then returning for the night or any hour.

The same also does not mean sharing accommodation on a holiday. If you just live as a flat mate, that does not mean you are living together as rent is involved here.

Rules and Regulations for The Partner Visa New Zealand

When you apply for a visa, based on your partnership, you have to ensure that the sponsoring partner should hold New Zealand citizenship or must be a visa holder. Additionally, there should be no immigration restrictions on the partner.

Both of you must be above 18 years old. You should have met each other before applying for the visa together and not be close relatives. Additionally, you have to provide evidence of your partnership. Others should be able to identify you as partners. Moreover, you should be making all kinds of plans together. You should also be spending leisure time together. Apart from the above, you should be parenting together if you have kids. If you can produce substantial evidence on these, then the authorities can grant you the Partner visa NZ.

Some authorities also need more documents like marriage or civil union marriage certificates, birth certificates of children, a joint agreement for home rental or loan, joint bank accounts, evidence of assets, and more. Cards, letters, emails, and photos together are also considered as evidence in this context.

The authorities will assess the partnership based on some parameters. They will consider how long you have been together with one another. They will also look into your financial and living arrangements. If you have spent some time apart, you will also be asked why? You need to be ready with the answers.

Other Types of Visas

You can now apply for a temporary work visa to stay with your partner in New Zealand. However, you should meet the criteria for the work visa. There are various short-term visas that you can apply for, to be there with your partner in New Zealand.

Student Spouse Visa NZ

If your spouse is studying in New Zealand, you can also apply for this visa. Not only you, but your children can also join your spouse in New Zealand. There are some criteria that you need to fulfil to get counted. You need to show all your marital documents and should have been married for over a year. The children who are below 18 years can also apply for the same. It takes around 75 days for the spouse to head there, to join the partner.

You need to produce various documents: passport, visa application form, application fee and receipt, health insurance receipt, health and character certificates, bank statements, passport size photographs, and marriage certificate or any civil union certificate.

The sponsor student or spouse who is studying may have to cover specific parameters to bring in their family. They are:

  • The sponsoring student or the primary student spouse should be studying Doctor of Philosophy or Ph.D. at a New Zealand university or can be in any short-term course as well. However, one also needs to be fluent in English. Apart from a dependent visa, you can also sponsor a work visa and student visas for your children.
  • If you are under any program, like the level 9 or 10 qualification or a level 7 or 8 qualifications, you can also support partner sponsorship. Additionally, you can support work visas and children’s visitor visas.
  • If you are studying in a student exchange program, you can also apply for the same. Visitor and student visas can be easily made available.

If you are studying any other program, you can also sponsor visitor and student visas. If your partner applies for a work visa and gets it, they can also apply for a children’s student visa.

Thus, there are provisions under the law to gain entry to New Zealand based on sponsorship for Spouse Visa NZ. A partner can stay in New Zealand for a period of two years. All in all, you have to satisfy the conditions of the visa. The immigration officer should also be convinced that they are making the right decision by granting you the visa. Every country is giving opportunities to international immigrants for economic stability and cultural relations. You can avail yourself of the same as well.

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