If you want to take your spouse or partner to live in the UK with you, A civil partner or proposed fiancée can also be a part of the program.
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If you want to take your spouse or partner to live in the UK with you, then this article is for you. A civil partner or proposed fiancée can also be a part of the program. However, as a partner, both of you should have been together for at least 2 years. There are various facets of a Partner visa in the UK.

If you are living in the UK, as a skilled worker, your partner or spouse will have to apply as a dependent of a Tier 2 General Visa holder, in this case. On the other hand, if you are in the UK on a student visa, you have to apply as the dependent of a student visa holder. Thirdly, if you are a refugee, your partner or family will have to apply for a family reunion. The rules are different from one another. Now, you can get a partner visa in UK, depending on several factors.

UK Unmarried Partner Visa

It is also called as the De Facto visa. It allows an unmarried partner to enter and remain in the UK based on the relationship shared with the UK visa holder. The sponsor should be settled in the UK with no immigration restrictions on the length of the stay. This visa applies to both heterosexual and same-sex relationships partners. However, there is a condition here. You have to prove your relationship has been in existence for more than two years. If your application is granted, you can even work in the UK. For the unmarried partner visa UK, you need to meet certain criteria.

Unmarried Partner Visa UK Eligibility

You and the sponsoring partner should both be above 18 years. Moreover, both of you must intend to be together permanently. You must also prove that any previous relationship that you were engaged in has ended. Both of you should be able to support yourself financially. Your unmarried partner should be earning £18,600 per annum. If there are children in between, you should be able to support them as well.

You also have to meet the language requirements accordingly. Other than that, you should have accommodation to stay.

UK Spouse Visa Decoded

Many people call it the UK Marriage visa. It allows all spouses of UK citizens to migrate to the UK, with their spouses. The sponsor should not have any immigration restrictions as such. Once the visa has been granted, you can work or study there as well. There are certain requirements you must fulfil. You and your spouse must be more than 18 years. Your marriage papers need to be in order. Moreover, you must be willing to live with one another permanently. Additionally, both of you should have enough money to support one another financially.

The sponsoring partner should also earn at least £18,600 per year. You must satisfy all English language requirements and suitable accommodation arrangements. You can apply for a spouse visa, either from the UK or outside. The application takes 2-12 weeks. The processing time varies from one country to the other. If you apply from outside the UK, the visa is granted for 33 months. If you apply from inside the UK, you will be granted a visa for 30 months. However, you can get it extended. Children below 18 years are also allowed entry as dependents under the scheme. You have to make a separate application for the same. These are the various UK spouse visa requirements.

UK Fiancé Visa Requirements

The UK Fiancé Visa is for engaged partners of British nationals. Such persons should be allowed to stay in the UK for an indefinite period. However, there is one condition here. The partners or fiancé have to marry within 6 months and the application should be made from outside the UK.

You have to satisfy specific criteria to get the visa. Both of you should be above 18 years of age. You have to meet in person and not online. The relationship should be genuine, and you have to provide proof for the same. Any previous relationships should have been ended. There should be adequate accommodation arrangements in place. You should also be able to comprehend English, as per parameters. These need to be satisfied before you can be granted the visa.

You have to meet all the financial requirements as well. The same include your fiancé’s salaried and non-salaried income or any self-employed income or additional income. It may be dividends from a company they are a director, rental income, investments, stocks, bonds, trust funds, insurance payments, maintenance payments or just about any resource. The cash savings above £16,000 should have been held for at least six months unless they can prove that they have come from the sale of property or investments within the last 6 months. The authorities have the final say over the matter, and scrutinize each application separately.

The UK Visa and Immigration authorities try to process the visa within 12 weeks. It is possible to go for a Settlement Priority Visa service. The processing time for this visa is 30 days at the most. You can make the application from outside the UK.


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