When you apply for a US visa, and the visa is approved, you can later pick it up from a pick-up point designated by the authorities.
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Passport Tracking For US Visa

Last Updated on March 29, 2022 by Visa Journal

Getting your passport back after getting visa approval is something that most foreign travelers will ask about. After you attend the interview with your interviewing officer, the officer will keep the passport and the documents for further processing. You can later pick it up from a pick-up point designated by the authorities. When you apply for a US visa, you have to keep certain rules and regulations in mind. You can get US visa passport tracking updates without hassles as well.

Things To Keep in Mind

You have to keep in mind that you will not be able to collect your passport from the US Embassy or the Consulate. When you schedule an interview, you will see a list of around 33 passport application centers. You have to choose a location that is convenient for you. If your visa is approved, some of the top courier companies will deliver the passport as well as your visa to the selected location. And, you do not have to pay any extra charges for this service. These services are already included in your visa fees.

When your passport is all-ready for pickup, you will receive a notification in the form of an email or an SMS. If you are applying from India specifically, and pay an extra amount of at least 300 INR, Blue Dart will deliver the passport and visa to the said address. Apart from the above, you can also opt for pickup from any of their 11 service centers. You must collect the passport within 14 working days from there. If you do not pick up the passport within the aforementioned period, it will be sent back to the Embassy or the Consulate. And, you have to get it from there.

Supporting Documents Required

If you collect the passport yourself, you can carry your government-approved ID card in original and a photocopy of the same. You should also carry another printed copy of your appointment letter. In another scenario, you can get an authorized representative to pick up your passport. You can ask a family member or a friend of yours to pick up the passport for you. However, you have to abide by certain rules and regulations.

If you are sending someone else to pick up the passport on your behalf, the appointee has to carry their own photo ID card and a photocopy of the applicant’s Photo ID Card. The said person also needs to show a letter of authorization at the collection center. The letter of authorization has to be signed by you. The letter of authorization should also contain your name, your representative’s full name, as it is on their Photo ID.

If the applicant is under 16 years of age, the letter of authorization has to be signed by the parents. The appointee also needs to carry a photocopy of the government photo ID card of the parent who signed the letter of authorization. Additionally, the appointee should carry his government photo ID.

If the representative has to collect passports for an entire group, then only one authorization letter is required. The letter should contain all the names of the travellers as well as the representative. But you have to ensure that all photocopies that are furnished in the process have to be clear and legible.

Time-limit To Get the Passport

The time required to get hold of your visa and passport depends on the circumstances. If it is the holiday season, things may get delayed. The dispatch of the visa and passport usually takes 2-3 days after the interview.

US visa passport tracking is quite easy, so you need not get worried. Moreover, getting the US visa application status, is also quite convenient.

Steps For Tracking Passport for US Visa

Herein, you come to know of the steps required to track the passport and visa. If you are a nonimmigrant applicant, you can check the status through DS-160 and the visa application status online on CEAC Website. You can do so by typing your interview location and application ID. You can track the passport in various ways.

If the status shows ‘Origination Scan’, it means that the Embassy or the Consulate has dispatched your passport and visa, and, that it is on the way to the delivery center.

Then, you will come across another message that reads, ‘Ready for Pickup’. It means that you can now collect the passport from the delivery location you selected.

Always remember that your Embassy and consulate will have no idea of the status of your passport. You cannot get the required information.

Passport Tracking Options

  • Instant Tracking – You need to enter your passport number, and click on ‘Track my passport’. You will get the status instantly.
  • Email Option – You can also write an email to passportstatus@ustraveldocs.com. Mention the valid passport number in the subject and in the body of the mail. You do not need to mention anything else, like the signatures. You shall receive an auto-reply such as the status.
  • Telephone – You can also call up the helpline number on the local area number
  • Check Online: Website Link

What Happens If the Passport Is Undelivered?

You can call the call center ask about the status of your passport. You can also send an email to the same ID mentioned earlier.

What Happens If There Is Any Mistake in Printing?

If there is any mistake in printing the visa form, you should contact the Embassy or consulate immediately. They will provide you with the necessary inputs to get things corrected.

If your visa is damaged, you have to get a new visa. These are the various processes that you need to undertake to apply and track your US visa. US visa passport tracking is extremely easy. You can do it in no time, and that should allow you to travel in a short while.

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