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Post Study Work Visa For UK

Last Updated on March 21, 2022 by Visa Journal

Many students look for study abroad opportunities in order to gain a global outlook and get a  good designation at the workplace. If you are one of them looking to study abroad and settle there, then the post study work visa in UK is for you.

The UK is one of the top countries for overseas education. Therefore, you will see students from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities heading there for studies and then a job. Many students also study and work at the same time to gather experience. This provision is there for most foreign universities, but rules differ from one place to another. Please know about the post study work visa uk fees here.

Post Study Work Visa – UK Graduate Route Visa

The standard fee for the visa ranges between £610-1,408. The post study work visa is basically a temporary visa that allows international students to study and work abroad. It is open to one and all nationalities. You can take the graduate route UK, by enrolling for a course at a university that is approved by the UK Higher Education Provider. The government of the UK is very accommodating in allowing students from other nationalities to make a career and give a winning hand to the economy. From July 1, 2021 this visa came into existence for international students.

Therefore, you will come across various fast -track visa categories, that aim to help retain students in the UK. The PhD. degree has been moved to the Skilled Worker Visa Route recently. Moreover, the STEM field offers lots of opportunities for students from other destinations. The STEM courses stands for courses in science, technology, engineering, and math. These are the courses that have received the maximum number of students internationally, in the past few years.

Graduate Route Requirement

In the past, students who completed their bachelors and masters in the UK could stay there and work for a maximum of 4 months. After the UK Government implemented the new rules, students can stay back and work in the UK for another 2 years. PhD. graduates can stay and work for 3 years. Those who have enrolled in STEM programmes after 2020-21, can stay there and work for two years. The student must have a Tier 4 visa to be eligible for a graduate route visa. The reason being that many students go for part-time courses via visitor’s route. They are not eligible for Graduate route.  In order to stay and work according to the new graduate route, you have to fulfil a few more criteria as mentioned below;

  • Hold a degree from a renowned UK university or institution. It can be an undergraduate degree, a postgraduate degree or a doctoral.
  • Have to be financially independent.
  • Submit the application for the graduate route visa, within 12 months of completion of the program.
  • Completion of English language proficiency test, you must appear for IELTS and score minimum of 6.5.
  • To be eligible for the UK graduate route visa, you also need the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies number, which will be issued by your university along with your student or Tier 4 visa.

After having secured the Tier 4 visa, you also need to pay a processing fee of £700 for the graduate route visa. Additionally, you also have to pay an Immigration Health Surcharge. It will cost £624 per year. It will give you complete access to UK Health Services. Thus, these are the details pertaining to the post study work visa uk fees.

How Can One Qualify For The UK Graduate Route Visa If Studying Online?

Those international students, who have been studying online due to the pandemic, or are in hybrid learning mode, can also apply for the graduate route visa under the current restrictions. However, you should meet all other requirements as prescribed by the UK University and government guidelines.

When Can One Apply For It?

You can apply for the UK Graduate Route visa, once your university accepts the successful completion of your studies. However, you do not need to wait for the report card. You can send in the application, as soon as you get the results mailed to you.

You have to be present in the UK, when you submit the application. The visa may be rejected if you apply from outside the country. You have to ensure to be in the UK while your application is under process. Otherwise, the re-entry process may face hindrance.

You can continue to work in the UK under the graduate route visa, even if your Tier 4 visa expires.

How To Apply?

You can apply for the visa for graduate route UK, either online or in person. The  site is where you should visit for online application. There you will find the rules and regulations listed. You also need to produce your Biometric residence card. If your application is successful, you will receive the online visa. If you are unable to apply online, you can visit UKVCAS and search for the nearest physical verification centre.

What Happens After Visa Expires?

After the visa expires, you have to apply for the Skilled Worker Visa, or the General Worker Visa, that is called as Tier 2. The candidate also needs to earn at least £30,000 per year to be eligible for extension. The salary may be a little higher or lower depending upon work profiles.

You can find this information useful, while applying for the visa through Graduate route. Now, go abroad and study in the UK, and be a global citizen.