The US tourist visa is a visa that caters to non-immigrants and those who want to stay in the US for a short while.
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US Tourist Visa Documents Requirement

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There are plenty of attractions in the US that lure travelers from across the globe. You may also visit friends and family there. Apart from leisure tours, many people visit the US. For more serious pursuits like medical treatment. The US B2 visa is ideal for such people. The US tourist visa is a visa that caters to non-immigrants and those who want to stay in the US for a short while.

Activities That B-Visa Holders Are Entitled

B-visa holders can enter the US for a holiday and visit various states there. With this visa, you can also attend social events and activities there. If you want to engage in short-term courses, these visas are also ideal. US visitor visa is the best option for you if you plan to stay there for a short while.

It is usually issued for a period of six months. Sometimes, you can also get a visa issued for multiple entries for a period of 10 years. Read about some of the key facets to getting the b2 visa USA today.

Details of the US Visa B2

You have to keep these in mind while you apply for US tourist visa.

  • When you head to the embassy of the consular office, you have to convince the officials there that you want to visit the US for a tour or short family visit. They must not think that you are looking for opportunities to become an immigrant over there.
  • You also have to furnish evidence that points to the fact that you will be returning soon.
  • Additionally, you have to give your biometrics and a visa interview at the consulate or embassy.
  • Children below 14 years and seniors above 80 years do not need to visit the embassy or consular office. They can submit their documents to the visa application center.
  • If you have already visited the US with such a visa earlier, you can apply for renewal. Book a visa appointment at the visa application center. And along with that, you can submit the documents in person.
  • You can get the visa in 2-3 days in the above case, by courier. You may also collect it from the visa application center.

Documents Required for the US Tourist Visa

You have to furnish a few documents for the B2 visa. They are:

  • Your passport is the first thing you need to apply for the US Tourist Visa.
  • You also need to show your financial statements as proof of funds before the officials consider you for a visa.
  • An Invitation letter to show that you are going to the US for a short tour, visiting family, or for medical treatment.
  • There should be insurance coverage for your travel and health as well.
  • You also need to furnish the details of the hotel you are staying at. If you are staying with family and friends, you need to provide their address and details.
  • Air tickets are also an essential part of the documents.
  • Digital or Printed Photo as per the requirements.
  • There should be evidence that you will be returning.
  • Other documents as requested from you.

Steps Involved For the US Visa For Tourists

You can apply for the US visitor visa, in a few easy steps.

  • Submit the application in form DS-160.
  • Pay the US tourist visa cost, the application fee is US$160.
  • Schedule the interview.
  • Complete the B2 visa file.
  • Attend the interview.

You can complete and submit the form DS-160. Be careful while filling up the details. You can fill it up online by visiting the Consular Electronic Application Center. A visa processing assistant can also help you. Depending on which company you are from, you may be required to pay other fees as well. These are visa issuance fees that vary from one country to another. You need to keep all the receipts for your B2 visa file.

Everybody between the age of 14-79 years is required to attend the interview at the consular office. You have to schedule the interview with the US embassy or the consular office at your place of residence. When you are called for the interview, you should head there with all your documents. The documents are mentioned above. On the interview date, the visa officer will ask you various questions. You have to be confident while answering the question.

If the officials suspect that you are looking for a long-term stay, they will likely reject your visa.

The Visa Processing Time

When you apply for US tourist visa, you must keep adequate time in hand.. The processing time can be different from one country to another. You can also get the visa extended. But when your visa expires, you must return.

There are provisions to extend your visa for another six months. You have to re-apply at least 42 days before the expiry of the I-94 card. However, you cannot re-apply within 3 months of arrival to the US. If you are interested to extend your visa, you must have the following documents ready.

  • Completed form I-539.
  • Valid passport.
  • Reason mentioned in writing.
  • Financial evidence
  • Original copy of I-94.
  • Extension fee of US$370.

The processing time varies, depending on the workload of the officials. You also need to remember that you will not receive free healthcare as a foreigner visiting the US. So, you should buy insurance before you go there.

You cannot get permanent residency with US Tourist visa. You are also not allowed to look for a job in the US, with a temporary visa. Therefore, you have to be clear about your prospects while visiting the US. Your parents cannot visit you if you are in the US with a B2 visa, as in case of other immigrant visas. They have to apply for a b2 visa for themselves.

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