You will need C-1/D Visa for USA, If you are working on cruise or plane, and have to stay in US as a crew member to make a shortstop.
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C-1/D USA Visa Requirements and Process

Last Updated on March 29, 2022 by Visa Journal

People from different countries who are working on ships, cruises, and airlines, and have to pass through the U.S as a crew member to make shortstops need a visa called C-1/D Visa USA . This visa allows the crew members of airlines and cruises to enter the U.S for a temporary stay of 29 days for their work only. In case if you are planning to travel to the U.S first and board an airline or cruise later then a different visa will be required.

This Visa is a combination of two, Transit or C-1 visa or D-visa and is not confined for members of airline and ship but issued to the following too:

  • Cosmetician
  • Technicians
  • Musicians
  • Entertainers

The employees can leave the airport or their living space for 29 days but have to leave the country within that period. The main purpose of the visa is to pass through the U.S. without any trouble; that’s why it has many restrictions as well, such as:

  • You cannot enroll in any study program
  • You cannot work in the U.S. based on a C-1 visa
  • You cannot live more than 29 days
  • You cannot apply for the green card
  • You cannot shift your company
  • You cannot shift the airport to go back through which you took entry
  • You cannot change your status

What are the eligibility requirements for a C-1/D visa?

One must fulfill some requirements to be eligible for this visa.

You have to prove that the activity you are involving is a part of the operation, and you will leave the U.S. within a given period with your crew members. U.S. admits the departure of the ships and airplanes once they are outside the boundaries of the U.S.

The person on whose name the visa will be issued must be enlisted in the crew list of the cruise or airline. Also, he should have the permission letter in his pocket confirming his relationship with the airline. There is the possibility that the person is not employed yet at the time of applying for the application. In that case, he will attach a copy of the contract with the specific company. One more thing, the company must apply for that visa the person is working with.

Another important requirement is that the person applying for the visa is obliged to show his strong ties with his home country to minimize the poor intention. He must retain his permanent residence outside the U.S. and is only here for his work.

Besides this, if you belong to an airline or cruise and perform the following duties, you cannot get a D- Visa rather, you will apply to get a B-1 Visa. For example:

  • Crew members who are responsible for the maintenance. They can present their work permit if needed.
  • If you are working on a private yacht and cruise and are in the American oceans for more than 29 days.
  • If you are being hired as a substitute coasting officer.

C-1/D visa Application and its Steps:

One has to go through various steps and conditions while applying for a C-1/D visa.

Online form DS-160:

The applicant is supposed to book an appointment with a responsible U.S. consultant for an interview. Before the interview, you have to complete the DS-160 application. This form is available online. It contains questions regarding personal information, contact details, passport and travel history, and details regarding your U.S. visit if you did ever before. After submission, you will get a confirmation page which you will need later.

Visa fees:

After filling the form, you have to pay the Visa fee, including the form fee and other applicable fees. Go to the website and locate your country, fees depend on the relation of your country with the U.S, you might also have to pay the reciprocity fees. There are various ways to submit it, through bank, online, money order, or check. Your application will not process before this.

Supporting documents:

Further, to strengthen your application, you must attach your documents and take them along with you when it’s your interview. The file should include:

  • Confirmation page of the DS-160 form
  • Valid passport
  • Passport size photo
  • Your employment contract or letter defines the nature of your job and the duration of your work.
  • A letter that will describe the purpose of your trip from the side of the company
  • The document that shows your strong ties to family shows that you are not planning to leave your hometown anytime soon and will not stay in the U.S. for more than 29 days. It includes family documents, job contract, lease, property detail, and your permanent residence.
  • Letter from your company with the details of data and port of entry and exit, name of the vessel. Your position and description of your duties along with your salary.
  • Certificates and diplomas showing details of your qualification.

The embassy can ask for any sort of documents it’s better to get copies of every detail you think might be important.

Visa interview:

Then there will be an interview conducted by the U.S. embassy located in your hometown. You will be given a confirmation letter of the interview having details of location and time. Missing this session will only delay your process of getting a Visa.

What is the processing time?

Once you pass the interview and clear your documents. It will take 3-5 working maybe and maybe 2 weeks to receive the decision of the U.S. embassy. They will either approve it or will reject it. After getting approval you will receive the passport within a week, and can also track your passport status.

How much C-1/D visa Cost?

It depends on the country you are living in and its relations with the U.S. The fee you have to pay from applying to get acceptance is 160$, and the visa is valid for 5 years.