E2 visa for USA is for the traders and investors to allow international entrepreneurs to enter and work in the US.
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E2 USA Visa Requirements and Process

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E-2 visa for USA is for the traders and investors offered by the US. It allows international entrepreneurs to enter and work in the US. A solely individual investor and a company can both apply for this. It is for the people who wish to do business and invest in the USA. The business can be of different types, from investing in the IT market to making money from tourism. The citizens who belong to the countries having a business treaty with the US can apply for this visa.

Advantages of E-2 visa:

There are several advantages of an E-2 visa, proving that it’s a reliable option to start a business in the US without getting into trouble and waiting too long. For example:

  • There is no strict quota for it; one can easily qualify and can be granted a visa
  • It’s an easier option to enter into the US compared to an investor green card that requires a huge amount of money.
  • The person who applied for this visa can go along with his family, including his spouse and children (Children must be under 21 age and unmarried).
  • You can go out of the US for travel, without any restriction.
  • Your spouse can also work.
  • Your children are not supposed to apply for a separate student study visa and can go to school and colleges freely.

However, there are some limitations too that are not very strict but has to be followed:

  • You are only restricted to work with the employer and businessman and the company which is mentioned on your visa
  • Visa is available for the countries that signed the investment treaty with the US. The person applying for a visa must be a citizen of one of the enlisted countries. His current passport must be one of the treaty countries.
  • It is valid for only 2 years but can be renewed after.

Visa requirements for investors:

To get an E-2 visa, you are supposed to fulfill certain conditions to get yourself verified as an eligible candidate. The criteria for this is mentioned below

  • The investor must be intended to invest in a bonafide enterprise. Bonafide enterprise is defined as an active and real commercial, producing products and giving services.
  • Investors are supposed to show tax files, financial statements, and business licenses.
  • An investor must belong to one of the countries that have an investment treaty with the US
  • If a company makes the investment, it will be based on a 50% share.
  • Investors must have the intention and plan to grow the business further.
  • You need to keep your funds in the bank till the visa get approved
  • Investors must have an intention of returning to their homeland.
  • The investment shouldn’t be marginal. The money generated from the business should be more than just providing a living to the investor and his family.
  • The business must have a significant impact on the economy of the US.

E-2 Visa application and its steps:

One can apply for an E-2 visa, no matter if they live in the US or live out of it. If you are from the US already, then contact the USCIS. But if you belong to another country, contact the US embassy located in your hometown. After that, you will follow a few steps depending on the choice and situation.

Within the US:

Those who are living in the US can change their status. A form submitted for this purpose, is 1-129. Proof of nationality, investment plan, and reason for this change will be described in detail in the form. As an individual investor, you will file this application. If you work with a company, your employer will submit the form. Later, USCIS will either accept it or deny the form.

Outside the US:

If you live outside the US, there are multiple steps you have to follow to get an E-2 visa. These steps are following:

File online form DS-160:

Go to the US government website. There you will find the online DS-160 form. Fill in the required information and submit it. Later, a page and code will be given to you that you must have with you for your interview.

Visa Fees:

Visa fees for E-2 visa is 250$. There are chances that you will be asked to pay additional charges, which depend on your country’s relation with the US. Those additional charges are called reciprocity fees. You will get the recipient that you have to keep, as it will be needed later.

Prepare your document file:

The next step is to make a file of all the documents you have to take with you when you go for the interview. These are the following:

  • Form from DS-160
  • Valid passport
  • Passport size photographs
  • Recipient of the fees that you submitted
  • Proof that you intend to go back to your country. Do this by showing the documents of the property
  • Proof, that your business is bonafide and you are going to give benefit through this.
  • Bank statement
  • Business plan

Attend the interview:

After the submission of the application, a call or letter will be received by you for the interview conducted by the US embassy. They will ask you about your intentions and purpose for going to the US. And you’re planning to return to your home country. If they will suspect that your plan to stay in the US permanently, your visa will be at risk.

What is the processing time of the E-2 visa?

If you are an employee, then it will take 2 weeks, and if you are a company applying for a visa, then the process can go on for 3 to 4 weeks. The rest depends on the US embassy.


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