Under Alberta Express Entry Stream, you can get a nomination if you met a certain criteria, to immigrate in this amazing province of Canada.
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Alberta Express Entry Canada

Last Updated on July 1, 2022 by Visa Journal

Alberta Express Entry is one of the categories of Alberta’s provincials nomination program. This is a scheme in which Alberta can nominate individuals who are qualified and meet certain criteria, to immigrate to this province. Such individuals should have their profile in the Canada’s Express Entry system.

Alberta Express Entry Decoded

The candidates who have some connections with Alberta or who can provide economic viability to the economy of Alberta are eligible for this immigration category. The applicant may also be capable of giving some diversification priorities to Alberta. Such individuals can apply for the program. If you are an international graduate from a Canadian post-secondary college, you can also apply under this stream.

Alberta Advantage Immigration Program

The Alberta Provincial Nomination Program is also called Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (This program has recently been named as Alberta Advantage Immigration Program or AAIP). It is an economic program. It nominates people for permanent residence in Alberta. The nominees should have certain skill sets to make it there. Alberta Express Entry program work sunder the Alberta PNP. They can either apply for a business or job. However, the nominees have to provide sufficient proof of funds to support their families.

If you have been nominated for such a program, you may be able to apply for permanent residence with your spouse, or partner, along with the children. The governing authority for all such schemes is Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Furthermore, they have the final say over the outcomes. You will often find the Federal government making certain decisions on this matter. The AAIP is quite popular today.

Eligibility for Alberta Express Entry

As the name suggest this program is managed through the Express Entry system. Applicants are required to be eligible for express entry pool in the first place. Once you create your express entry profile and in that tick Alberta as an option you become eligible as such. So, all such applicants who are part of the express entry pool are eligible for Alberta express entry stream.

Alberta immigration may  invite qualified candidates from the express entry pool. Candidates must fulfill the following

  • Have a live express entry profile
  • Must have checked “Alberta” in the provinces and territories that may invite them while creating the profile
  • Must have at least CLB 7 in all modules of IRCC approved language tests. In case of trades profession must have CLB 4.
  • Must have at least equivalent of a Canadian high school
  • Must have at least one year equivalent of full time paid work experience in their occupation
  • Must have a minimum comprehensive ranking score(CRS) of 300

The steps for Alberta Express Entry Stream

  1. Create an express entry profile and make sure that yo have a CRS score of 300.
  2. Tick “Alberta” in provinces and territories that may invite you.
  3. Keep an eye on the messages in your IRCC online account.
  4. If selected in an AINP draw you will get a message in your IRCC online account with your Notification of Interest(NOI)
  5. Submit the required documents on the online portal
  6. Pay fee of 500 C$
  7. Await processing by AAIP
  8. AAIP nomination received
  9. Upload the nomination letter by AAIP into your express entry profile
  10. CRS points of 600 will added into your express entry  profile
  11. Await express entry draw and invitation to apply by IRCC
  12. Submit IRCC required documentation for Express entry based PR application within 60 days from ITA.
  13. Await final approval by IRCC for PR application
  14. On approval by IRCC submit passport to local Canadian visa office for stamping of visa label
  15. Travel to Alberta to activate PR under AAIP

Minimum Score for Alberta Express Entry 

This stream requires a minimum of 300 CRS. Keep in mind that not every candidate that has a 300 CRS score will receive NOI by AAIP. This program is by invitation only. AAIP usually invites applicants with specific occupations in each draw. They also look at other factors such as applicants’ connection to the province.  The Alberta express entry draw results are now announced often. In 2020, because of the pandemic, it had stopped for a while. But it is operating in full swing once again. This year 2022, Alberta is planning to issue more than 6,250 provincial nominations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alberta express entry program open

Yes this program is open now for nominations. It was closed during 2020 but now people are being invited and processed under this stream.

What occupations are in demand for Alberta express entry

AAIP does not list the specific occupations that are in demand. But usually its is tech professions that have been invited.

Do you need relative in province for this stream

No it is not a requirement. But those who have a close relative in the province have a greater chance of  being invited.

Today, it is extremely easy for immigrants to migrate to Alberta. The AINP does not release a list of occupations that can be considered. However, it does publish a list that will not be given priority under these schemes on the AINP website. Many people who work under this scheme work in hospitality, transport driver, and the restaurant industry.

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