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Golden Visa UAE

Last Updated on May 31, 2022 by Visa Journal

If you are interested to move to the UAE, it makes sense to know a bit about the UAE golden visa. It is a long-term residence visa for the UAE. The new system was initiated in 2019, and it enables foreigners to live, work, and study in the UAE. And the best part about this visa is there is no need for a sponsor. These visas are generally issued for 5 years or 10 years and then renewed automatically.

How To Get Golden Visa In UAE?

Before knowing how to get the visa, you should know more about the background of the visa. The Golden Visa is mainly issued to entrepreneurs, investors, and medical professionals, to name a few. Apart from that, there are other individuals too, who are looking to head there for a secure future. The main benefit of the visa is security. Due to the pandemic, the UAE government wants to attract people who can lend a hand to the economy that is presently in turmoil.

If you are one such individual and want to go to the UAE, you have to apply via their website. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA), or the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), works under the ministry. You can apply online through ICA, whereas GDRFA offers both online and offline modes.

The process is self-explanatory, and those wishing to apply via these channels can do so independently. The golden visa UAE application is suitable for all those who want a safe new life in the UAE. There are two kinds of visas – the 5-year visa and the 10-year visa.

If you want to apply for a 10-year visa, you need to have AED 10 million worth of public investment. It can be a fund or any company. There are several norms that govern these standards. More than 60% of the funds should not be in the form of real estate. Moreover, the investment amount should be a loan from any bank or financial institution. If it is in the form of assets, it should be in the applicant’s name.

Additionally, you must hold the investment in your name for three consecutive years as an investor. Then only you will be considered eligible. The 10-year visa may also be extended, and your partners can also be included. However, the partners have to invest the same amount. The long-term visa also includes the spouse and children. It may also include on Executive Director and advisor as well. Creative artists can also apply for visas.

Now, we come to the 5-year visa. The norms are primarily similar in the case of investors. The investment amount is halved to AED 5 million. If you have done exceptionally well in your high school or university, you can also apply for the 5-year visa residency. Students at the university level, who score 3.75 GPA are eligible to apply, along with high school students who score 95% or more.

The UAE government also allows business people who are looking to start their business in the UAE to get on this path. Now, you must be interested in knowing the golden visa UAE price. It is AED 4,850. In addition to this, you must pay AED150 for the application cost and another AED 1000 for the visa issuance. Thus, in total, you have to pay AED 6000. The duration of 5 years or 10 Year Golden Visa is fixed by the UAE Government.

Steps For Application

  • You should visit the official website
  • Then you have to apply for a nomination.
  • The UAE officials have 30 days to review your application in detail.
  • You will get an email that mentions whether you have been considered or not.
  • If your nomination gets approved, you will receive a link by email. Here, you have to upload the documents mentioned asked from you.
  • The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship will verify the application in detail.
  • The Authorities will issue the Golden Visa after you complete all necessary procedures.

Requirements For People with Specialized Talents

Recently, many individuals with specialized talent are also considered. They include doctors, artists, and scientists as well. You may be one of them reading this. For this instance, a 10-yer visa is generally issued. After the accreditations received are proved, the visa is issued.

Doctors can apply online and can get the visa issued. If one is a licensed Doctor in the UAE, they can apply as well.

Creative individuals can also receive a visa for 10-year. However, they should have been awarded accreditation by the Ministry of Culture and Youth. Ph.D. degree holders may also apply for the same, with all records intact.

It is considered to be an essential step in an incumbent’s life. The Golden Visa holds a lot of value and prestige and thus is not given to all.

Benefit Of Golden Visa UAE

The individual who is being granted this visa can get long-term residency in the UAE for 5 or 10 years. Their future also gets secure. Moreover, such individuals can live, study and work in the UAE. In the UAE, the executive gets 100% ownership of the business that one sets up. You also do not need a sponsor.

The best part about the visa is that the UAE government has lifted some stringent restrictions that allow only specific high-net-worth individuals to start business and get the Golden Visa. However, very recently, the government has also added other categories. From December, UAE-based physicians can also become a part of the scheme. Moreover, the government will also allow the engineers to avail of the Golden visa UAE. So, you can also apply for a visa, if you have a significant contribution in any such field. It is a straightforward process to fill out the form online, but you can also get help expert consultants in this field.


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