The family visa for Qatar is applicable for expatriate citizens living in Qatar to bring their family for a short duration.
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Family Visit Visa Qatar

Last Updated on May 20, 2022 by Visa Journal

Do you want to stay in Qatar with your whole family? Get the family visa for Qatar to explore the country for a short duration. This Visa is applicable for expatriate citizens living in Qatar. Therefore, if you live in Qatar and want to bring your family for a small tour, please apply for Qatar’s family visit visa. 

In 2020, Qatar Government suspended multiple visas for the family due to the COVID-19 situation. However, it now accepts visa applications from people of various countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, and others. This article will brief you on the requirements for applying for this kind of Visa in Qatar. 

Family Visa Qatar Requirements

The family visa for Qatar is generally for one month only. However, there is a special provision of a family visit visa Qatar extension. As per this condition, you can apply for an extension of this Visa for a maximum period of six months. This is indeed a splendid opportunity to call your family to the place you stay and spend some quality time with them. 

The most crucial factor that comes with applying for a Qatar family visa is the salary of a person working in Qatar. According to the stipulated family visa Qatar requirements, a person’s monthly salary must be QR 5,000 at least to bring spouse and children. However, to apply Visa for other family members, the minimum monthly salary should be QR 10,000. 

The fees for the family visa are approximately QR 200 every month. The equivalent amount in dollars is roughly $55/month. A medical checkup is a vital part when applying for a Qatar visa. The authorities will grant an extension of the family visit visa only if you are tested medically fit from every aspect. Currently, the primary prerequisite to enter the country is a negative report for COVID. 

If you are confident that it will not be a problem to bear the necessary expenses for your children and spouse, apply for the residence. Conversion of the family visit visa Qatar into the Residence Visa is a remarkable opportunity indeed. With the help of this Visa, you can travel freely with your dear ones. Download the Metrash2 app and ensure that you possess all the documents needed to issue a Visa. 

Process To Apply For Family Visa

Initially, interested people used to fill up the visa form offline to apply for a Qatar visa. However, with new technology implemented in every sector, online filling of the forms is also permissible. The online application process is available from 2018 onwards. 

Following are the main steps involved for this visa;

  1. Open the Metrash2 app from any device like phone or computer and enter the login details
  2. Choose the icon showing Visa
  3. Now select Issue Visa
  4. Tap on the icon showing Family visit
  5. Now, tick the option of Family Visa Application
  6. Go to the New Application section
  7. Fill up the details asked for and ensure that all are correct in every respect
  8. Upload the necessary documents along with the recent scanned photograph
  9. An update will come within some days. Please wait for it.
  10. After getting approval for the Visa, proceed with the online payment of requisite fees. 

You have to be very cautious while planning the period of stay or the journey date for your family. Initially, it took only a week to get the visa. However, it is around four weeks now. Please keep all the original identity proofs in hand and a copy of the Tenancy bill where your family will be staying temporarily in Qatar. 

Necessary Documents For Family Visit Visa

Travelers coming to Qatar with the help of the family visit visa Qatar must have the following documents;-

  • Printout of your valid Visa
  • Unexpired passport 
  • Flight tickets for both the ways
  • Vaccination and Booster certificates
  • Copy of travel insurance
  • Approval from Ehteraz
  • Acknowledgment form
  • Papers for booking hotel or residential arrangement

Verify and keep all the documents ready for production. Please take all of them to the service center of the Ministry of Interior. You will get a token from the reception. As your turn comes, check the token number with the number shown on the screen. Now, you have to submit the documents at the counter. If any, the authorities will write the necessary comments and issue a receipt. You have to check the result after two or three days. This process is valid only for the physical submission of the form. 

If you submit the form online, you can get a copy for the visitor. 

Rules For Extension

Family visit visa Qatar extension calls for specific rules. The Visa for one month will let the family visit the near one in Qatar. For the relatives falling under the first and second-degree category, one can extend the visa period for another five months. This category includes spouses, children, parents, and in-laws. However, you can extend the Visa only for a maximum period of two months over the original duration for other relatives. 

You have two options for extending the duration of your one-month Qatar family visit visa:

  • Submit your passport and return ticket to the Ministry of Immigration’s office or the MOI Service Center. Pay QAR 200 as the visit visa renewal fee, which is QAR 200 per month for each additional month. OR
  • You can extend your visa online by going to the Ministry of Interior’s website.


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