The Post-study work visa allows you to work, study and stay in Germany for an extended period of around five years.
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Post Study Work Visa in Germany

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Germany is well known as a top study destination, most graduates wish to obtain Germany’s post study work visa on completion of their study. Germany is an established economy of the world. It is well known for manufacturing, engineering, technology and automobile industry. Education in these fields is of very high quality. If you are considering studying in Germany and interested in knowing more about post study work right then keep reading.

What is meant by post-study work rights?

Countries with established economies attract top talent from around the world in form of students. Universities in Germany have a large number of international students enrolled every year. On completion of study these foreign students are allowed to stay back and work in Germany. This authorization to stay in Germany and look for a relevant job or to start a job is called post-study work rights. Germany right now has an 18 months long post study work permit that is offered for international students. This is called the Temporary/Limited Residence Permit.

Conditions of post-study work permit

  • This work permit is for a duration of 18 months
  • It is granted only on completion of studies. If the qualification is not completed then one cannot apply for it.
  • Once granted, the work permit holder can work as much as they want and for any employer in Germany.

Student have the option of applying for am 18 months post study work visa in Germany on completion of their studies. The main objective behind this work visa is that graduates are able to search for a professional job that is relevant to their field of study. Students are free to do any kind of work while they look for the relevant professional job. They can work for any employer and as much as they want. If the student is not able to find relevant job at the end of the 18 months duration they will be asked to leave Germany.

Requirements for Post-Study Work Visa

To apply for the work permit one is required to have the following

  • A valid passport with at least six months of validity. Ideally if the validity is for at 18 months that is even better.
  • A degree from a recognized German university. In many instances the degree award may take some time so degree completion letter also called as “Nachweis” can be used.
  • Proof of health insurance for your entire stay in Germany.
  • Proof of funds for the expected stay in Germany.

Permanent Residence Permit

Other than the 18 months temporary work visa there is the option of obtaining permanent work visa on completion study. During the 18 months temporary visa as soon as you are able to find job in your field you can apply for the permanent residence visa. It is very important that once a student gets the temporary visa they must focus on obtaining a professional job at the earliest.

For those who are able to obtain a full time job offer in their field of study from a German employer there is the option of applying for the Permanent residence permit. This allows the foreign national to live and work in Germany for as long as the job continues. The length of this permit is dependent on the duration of contract offered.

Benefits of Post-Study Work Visa

The benefits that you can get from a post-study work visa are:

  • Guarantee your stay in Germany on completion of studies.
  • Obtain to work, research and sustain yourself.
  • After 3 years from the duration of the grant of your visa, you will be able to apply for stable citizenship in Germany.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need IELTS for Germany’s post study work visa

No, IELTS is not needed for Germany’s post study work visa. Applicant is required to show proficiency in German language.

What is the cost of post study work visa

Fee for post study work visa is 80 Euros if it is for a period of more than 12 months. If its less than 12 months then the application fee is 50 Euros.

Is there a work permit for EU countries

Graduates also have the option of applying of for a work permit that is for all European union countries.


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