Qatar visit visa on arrival allows visitors from 90+ countries to have visa-free entry into the State of Qatar.
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Qatar on Arrival Visit Visa – Eligibility and Procedure

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Qatar visit visa on arrival allows visitors from 90+ countries to have visa-free entry into the State of Qatar. This Visa makes Qatar the most open nation in the Middle East. But, the length of staying there varies depending on your nationality. 

You can enter Qatar visa-free and get the Qatar visa on arrival. There is no age limit for visas on arrival. But there are definite requirements that you should be aware and this guide can help you to know about:

  • Eligibility requirements
  • Procedure for applying for the Qatar visa on arrival
  • Nationalities that are eligible for Qatar Visa on arrival
  • Qatar Visa on Arrival extension process

Eligibility requirements for Visa on Arrival to Qatar

To be eligible to get the Qatar visa on arrival, you have to:

  • Show citizenship of an eligible country
  • Must have a Passport that is valid for 6 months
  • Fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine
  • Have a negative result for the RT-PCR test
  • Passengers must have confirmed Return air or onward tickets
  • Possess a Hotel booking and accommodation
  • Filled and signed Acknowledgement & Undertaking Form
  • Show proof of funds by either having a Credit card/debit card. This proof of funds is only for some nationalities and it amounts to QAR 5000 (USD 1400)
  • Have a Pre-travel approval by applying on the Ehteraz website. This website facilitates the arrival process, verifies the health requirements, and quarantine requirements

Procedure for applying for the Visa on arrival to Qatar

All visitors to Qatar have to get pre-travel approval from Qatar immigration. Get Approval through registration through the Ehteraz website. Upload your documents on the website 3 days before arriving in Qatar.

Pre-travel website approval is necessary before traveling to Qatar. On the website, you have to upload copies of the following documents

  • Your passport
  • Return/onward flight tickets
  • An approved vaccination certificate
  • Your hotel accommodation booking documents

Nationalities that are eligible for Qatar Visa on arrival

There are two categories of Countries whose nationals are eligible for this Visa: 

Category 1 countries

Nationalities from these countries get a Qatar visit visa waiver. The waiver is valid for 180 days from the date of entering Qatar

  • 90 days maximum stay either for a single trip or during many trips
  • The stay is not extendable
  • During the period, multiple entries are possible

The Category 1 countries includes:

  1. Austria 2. Bahamas 3. Belgium 4. Bulgaria 5. Croatia 6. Cyprus 7. The Czech Republic 8. Denmark 9. The Dominican Republic 10. Estonia 11. Finland 12. France 13. Germany 14. Greece 15. Hungary 16. Iceland 17. Italy 18. Latvia 19. Liechtenstein 20. Lithuania 21. Luxembourg 22. Malaysia 23. Malta 24. Netherlands 25. Norway 26. Poland 27. Portugal 28. Romania 29. Serbia 30. Seychelles 31. Slovakia 32. Slovenia 33. Spain 34. Sweden 35. Switzerland 36. Turkey, and 37. Ukraine 38. Armenia 38. Antigua and Barbuda

Category 2 countries

Nationals from category 2 countries get:

  • An initial visa for 30 days after the date of entering Qatar
  • The stay is extendable for another 30 days for no cost
  • During this period, multiple entries are possible

Category 2 countries includes:

  1. Andorra 2. Argentina 3. Australia 4. Azerbaijan 5. Belarus 6. Bolivia 7. Bosnia, and Herzegovina (more conditions apply) 8. Brazil 9. Brunei 10. Canada 11. Chile 12. China 13. Colombia 14. Costa Rica 15. Cuba 16. Ecuador 17. Georgia 18. Guyana 19. Hong Kong, China 20. India 21. Indonesia 22. Ireland 23. Japan 24. Kazakhstan 25. Lebanon 26. Maldives 27. Mexico 28. Moldova 29. Monaco 30. New Zealand 31. North Macedonia 32. Pakistan (more conditions apply) 33. Panama 34. Paraguay 35. Peru 36. Russia 37. Rwanda 38. San Marino 39. Singapore 40. South Africa 41. South Korea 42. Suriname 43. Thailand 44. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, 45. UK 46. US 47. Uruguay 48. Vatican City, and 49. Venezuela

Qatar Visa on Arrival extension process

If you are from Category 2 countries that are eligible for a  30 days extension to the Qatar Visa on arrival then follow the process below.
Step 1

Visit the Visit Visa Extension Service page on the Ministry of Interior website. It is available under the option Visa Services – Visit Visa Extension

Step 2
Enter the visa number or your passport number. The visa number is on the sticker in your passport

Step 3

Select your nationality from the drop-down list

Step 4

Enter the verification code from the audio or picture

Step 5

Click on the “Extend” option button

Crucial visa takeaways

  • You will get a notification once approval of your travel permit is complete. Once approved, you download it, print it, and keep it handy throughout your travel
  • Nationals from the Gulf Cooperation Council do not need a Qatar immigration visa to enter Qatar. These countries include Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Oman.
  • This Qatar visa on arrival is completely free of charge. There is no surcharge for any extension or renewal
  • You can apply for the visa renewal after you arrive in Qatar but before your Visa expires. Check your validity on the Ministry of Interior website. Go to Visa Services then click on Visa Inquiry & Printing on the website.


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