Thailand Retirement Visa is also known as an "Extension of stay based on retirement." This article is about its requirements and process.
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Retirement Visa Thailand Process and Requirements

Last Updated on March 31, 2022 by Visa Journal

If you prefer retiring in another country, then Thailand is a preferred option. Of course, the attractions there are many. Be it the scenic tropical landscape, breathtaking beaches, and the relaxing environment. If you choose to retire abroad in Thailand, then you need a Visa. The Thailand Retirement Visa is also known as an “Extension of stay based on retirement.” Getting a retirement visa for Thailand may pose a challenge. Especially when you do not know the requirements and the process. This guide is perfect for helping you know the following;

  • Types of retirement visas for foreign citizens
  • Financial requirements
  • Steps to getting a retirement visa

Types of retirement visa for Thailand

The One Year Thailand Retirement Visa (O-A)

Issued to foreign citizens aged 50+ and is valid for 1 year. It has the option to renew every year

The Ten-Year Thailand Retirement Visa (O—X)

This visa is renewable after 10 years. It is only for foreign nationals from the United States, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland 

Financial rules for a Retirement Visa to Thailand

The Government of Thailand has requirements for anyone seeking retiring in Thailand. These requirements are:

  • Have a Bank Account in Thailand having THB 800,000 or
  • Have a Monthly income of at the very least THB 65,000 or
  • With your annual income plus your security bank account, this financial combination should total THB 800,000. (Annual Income + Bank Account = THB 800,000)

Steps to obtaining a Thailand retirement visa

You can apply while in another country or in Thailand.

The Non-Immigrant “O” Visa has its unique requirements. These requirements are that:

  • Have a passport. The end date should be one year remaining
  • Have been permanent resident or nationality of the country of application
  • Show that your funds meet the financial requirements for visa

Get a one-year retirement visa extension

The visa extension has the following requirements. You should

  • Be 50 years old and above
  • Have a passport signed in each page
  • Have a non-immigrant “O” Visa
  • Have a departure card TM. 6
  • Show that you fulfill the financial requirements
  • In the case of showing income rule, you should get a letter from this Thai Bank
  • Give three 4×5cm size photos

Display the following extra documents: Police clearance, Medical Certificate, and Health Insurance. But they are not required if you submit the visa application inside Thailand.

Acquiring a Re-entry Permit

A re-entry permit is a visa permit that allows you to enter Thailand when you travel abroad. This is for you if you are planning to travel in and out of Thailand during the validity of your retirement visa. But, if you plan to stay in Thailand for the entire duration, the reentry permit is unnecessary. There is a difference between “Extension of Stay” and “Re-entry permit”. You need both but they all have different purposes. The Extension of Stay controls the date of the retirement visa. The Re-entry permit depends on this extension of stay being valid.   

Always report your stay every 90 days and renew the visa

It is mandatory to report to Immigration Police every 90 days. But, if you have a re-entry visa you can leave Thailand and renew the extension of stay after each 90-day entry. You cannot get an extension of stay while inside Thailand. You will have to start from step 1 and get a new non-immigrant visa from the Consulate abroad or an embassy.


Picking your Retirement Visa

The immigration office is where you go to pick up the retirement visa. Keep checking until it arrives at the Immigration office. When it arrives, appear in person with your handheld passport and sign the visa paperwork. The immigration staff will then put a stamp on the passport to show approval

90-day Retirement visa reporting

A retirement visa is valid for a one-year stay. But you have to report to the immigration offices after every 90 days. This 90-day reporting is to verify your current house. Otherwise, your retirement visa will get restrictions. Take note that the retirement visa does not allow you to have employment.

Importing Household and personalized item

According to the Thailand Bureau of Customs, retirees cannot import their personal effects.