To apply for a UK tier 1 investor visa, you must met the eligibility requirements and the rules and regulations connected with this process.
Investment Visa, UK

UK Investment Visa Eligibility and Requirements

The United Kingdom is a favorite place for top-class industrialists and business persons. Are you also willing to invest in the most profitable sectors of one of the biggest economies of the world? UK will not disappoint you if a promising return is your target. To apply for a UK tier 1 investor visa, you must have the required qualifications. Moreover, you must be thorough with the rules and regulations connected with this process. This article will ensure that you do not have any doubts regarding such a visa to invest in the United Kingdom. 

Eligibility To Apply For UK Investment Visa

UK presents several policies to get the investor visa UK. Therefore, once you have a reputation and status, investing in various sectors of the UK will become easy. However, you must qualify the specific criteria framed by the UK Government to issue the UK investment visa. If you can invest a considerable sum of money, it will be effortless and faster to apply for permanent citizenship. Therefore, the wealthy personalities always want to make good use of the investment visa UKYour amount of investment will decide for how long you will enjoy the visa benefits in the country. 

The Government brought specific changes in the rules of UK citizenship by investment to simplify the system for the interested persons. Furthermore, these changes will impact the interested investors’ plans significantly. Here are the eligibility criteria in brief for a smooth application for a UK tier 1 investment visa

  • There must not be any past criminal records in your respective country or the UK
  • You are above 18 years of age
  • You do not belong to Switzerland or any EEA country.
  • Sufficient evidence shows that the funds you intend to invest belong to you and no one else.
  • The money you invest must be valid for disposing of in the UK
  • The bank in which you are keeping the funds should be a regulated institution in the UK

Benefits of UK Investment Visa

  • Bringing the spouse or other family members along with you is permissible under the UK investment visa. You get the chance to enjoy the high standard of lifestyle in the world’s largest economy. 
  • Travelling to many countries, over 100, without any visa is possible as you become British citizens, along with your family
  • UK citizenship by investment will permit you to run a business or work in any part of the UK. Furthermore, you can even study in any UK institution with this one visa. 
  • You can take advantage of the most efficient healthcare system in the world. 

Investor UK Visa Options

You can apply for a UK investment visa under various options based on your skills and capabilities. You must satisfy the investment slabs to ensure permanent residence in the country. The minimum sum in this respect is around Two million Sterling Pounds. The relevant options for valid investments are described below;-

  1. UK corporate bonds (you can invest in the loan capital or shares)
  2. Previously Government bonds were applicable, but from 2019, such a choice no longer exists
  3. Invest in a company registered in UK and active. Hence, it must fulfill certain conditions;-
  • Involved in active trading (it implies that the company is not non-trading or dormant at any time)
  • Must be registered in the UK or have a registered office in the country
  • A UK bank account must be there in such a company’s name showing all the recent transactions. 

After you get the license to become the resident of the UK permanently, there can be various investments. They are £2million for residence after five years, £5million for residence after three years, and £10million for residence after two years. 

Process To Apply For UK Investment Visa 

It is now effortless to apply for a UK investment visa online. Every applicant must determine eligibility before submitting the application. Please take help from professional organizations dealing with such matters to ensure a successful attempt. 

The short process is as under;-

  • Visit the respective site
  • Fill up the form for UK tier 1 investment visa
  • Submit the necessary documents along with the application visas

On successful application, you will get the confirmation. The duration of the whole process will be around three weeks. 

The documents that you must keep ready, apart from the form, include;-

  1. A valid and unexpired passport with one blank page at least
  2. Proof of the funds you are going to invest. Evidence must be there if the funds belong to your spouse or partner
  3. Proof that you have an account in any of the UK registered banks
  4. Test results for Tuberculosis
  5. Certificate for clean criminal records

Note: At the time the article was published, the Government of UK has stopped taking the new applications for Tier 1 Investor Visa, and only the existing applicants can process their files for extension and sponsoring family members. Please always check the up to date status on the government website.


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