International Experience Canada (IEC), gives you Canada working holiday visa. It is the license to work and travel in more than 30 countries.
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Working Holiday Visa Canada

Last Updated on March 29, 2022 by Visa Journal

The Canadian Government will acknowledge all the Canadians who love to prosper by their hard work and professionalism. As a result, to make them travel hassle-free. They have framed a fantastic permit to ensure a great international experience. The official authority in this regard, International Experience Canada (IEC), gives you Canada working holiday visa. It is the license to work and travel in more than 30 countries. Let us now explore the rulings in detail.

Benefits of Accepting The Canada Working Holiday Visa

As you accept the work and travel visa from Canada, several benefits will plunge into your life automatically. You can enjoy the following by being part of this lovely program;-

  • As you work, you will get the chance to identify your strengths, get inspiration and start travelling around the world. It will encourage you to work more with a free mind.
  • Let your career rise high by gaining international travelling experience.
  • You can make the position of Canada more robust in the global workplace by stepping into so many countries.
  • Get to connect with more people and enjoy the multilingual environment.

Therefore, with the help of the working holiday visa of Canada, you can plan an exceptional holiday in and outside Canada. The country has travelling agreements with more than 30 countries across the world. Therefore, with this special visa, Canadians can travel freely without obstacles. However, if you want to work temporarily in another country or stay there for two years, an application is necessary. The salient aspects for this visa is as follows;

  • Take less time for processing than any other visa or work permits
  • Very easy to obtain
  • Not very expensive
  • Highly flexible

Things to keep in mind

Before filling up the application forms, keep in mind a few things.

  • Kindly ensure to fill up with the correct details, which may lead you into trouble.
  • The mandatory fields should be filled up completely, failing which you may not complete your application form.

Application Process For Canada Working Holiday Visa

Every country has some peculiarities in the issuing procedure of visas. You will also find special conditions to get a working holiday visa Canada in Canada. However, you need to go through the application process first to obtain the final permit in your hands.

You have to 6 steps for applying for the work and travel visa;-

Step 1: Destination Selection

You have to decide your preferred country to spend beautiful holidays and work in. However, this must be within the list of the countries with which Canada has an agreement. You can identify the most suitable destination by analyzing the following factors;-

  • The living expenses
  • Various sources giving ideas about the travelling opportunities
  • Work opportunities in the concerned country
  • Estimated costs of travelling

You can search in different social media, like Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, to get a brief idea about various places to live. Moreover, you will also see the feedback and reviews of different accommodations and food from multiple travelers and the locals.

Step 2: Identifying The Eligibility

After you decide which place to stay in, the next step involves identifying the eligibility criteria. Of course, it is common that not everyone will be allowed to stay in a respective country or work there unless they satisfy certain criteria. Although you get the entry permit with the help of the Canada working holiday visa, certain requirements are mandatory. The factors are;-

  • Financials
  • Restrictions for some jobs
  • Your age and citizenship
  • Address of current residence and the place you select to stay in the respective country
  • Duration of your stay

Step 3: Documents

Before applying finally, you have to keep all the necessary documents ready. These are;-

  • Bank statements showing the evidence for the available funds
  • Valid passport
  • Medical insurance copy
  • Birth proof
  • Recent photographs
  • Medical test reports (including COVID-19 negative reports at present)
  • Pre-arranged contract of employment
  • Clear police certificate

Step 4: Work Permit Type

The work permit differs according to the requirements of various countries. Similarly, in Canada, you will find two varieties of work permits. Moreover, the names may be different in multiple countries. The two types include;-

  1. Employer-Specific Work Permits: Such a permit is necessary for young professionals or internships. Therefore, if you want to build a career by moving out of Canada, you can easily do so. However, it is essential to have a contract from the respective employer as valid evidence. The fees will be varied depending on the countries and their concerned requirements.
  2. Open Work Permits: You can collect funds for your trip by temporarily working in a country using this type of visa. There is full liberty to join any organization irrespective of work. However, it must be a legal profession as per the land laws. No previous contract is necessary with the employer.

Step 5: Submission

Complete the application process by filling out the form correctly. As you fill up all the particulars, ensure that they are correct. Upload the documents and pay the respective fees. Click on Submit, and your application will be successfully given. Notification for confirmation will be received by email.

Thus, it is clear now how beneficial the Canada working holiday visa is for anyone staying in Canada. Live your life in a fun-filled manner and explore variations in the job styles.


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