Working holiday visa for Brazilian citizens necessitates working and staying freely in the specified countries having contracts with Brazil.
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Working holiday visa for Brazilian Citizens

Working holiday visa for Brazilian citizens necessitates working and staying freely in the specified countries having contracts with Brazil. Therefore, Brazilian citizens will now get the golden chance to spend fabulous holidays in another country. The countries where you can get this special visa are Germany, Australia, South Korea, and New Zealand. However, a person can become eligible to get this visa only if they belong to the age group 18 to 30 years. Every holder of such a visa can legally stay in the specific countries for a maximum period of 1 year.

The conditions for applying for the working holiday visa Brazil will be applicable if you are a part of the Federative Republic of Brazil. Moreover, you are not eligible if you temporarily reside in Brazil and do not hold any citizenship card. You need to have sufficient funds to survive in the respective countries.

Here, we give details of getting a working visa if you are a citizen of Brazil.

Fulfill Your Wishes To Stay In Other Countries

The projects give youngsters somewhere in the range of 18 and 30 the chance to understand the way of life and the day-to-day existence of the accomplice country. Occasional occupations can be taken up to assist the travelling activities in various countries.

If you are stepping into a foreign country, you must be stable enough to maintain yourself. Therefore, the working holiday visa for Brazilian citizens opens up multiple avenues for the youngsters. They can engage in different jobs and earn for the return trip. But if you want to take your spouse or children along with you, a separate visa is needed. It should be distinct for each one of them. This implies that your family cannot travel on your visa.

Let us go into more details about visiting the notified countries with this visa in hand.

  • Australia

This is also a picturesque country, just like Brazil. However, when you are seeking some changes in your surroundings, travelling to a different country can refresh your mind a lot. The under 30 people can easily arrange for a temporary stay in this country with the help of a special-purpose working holiday visa. First, you have to identify the specific criteria to apply to the Australian Government.

Some conditions include;-

  1. The Brazilian citizens must show their evidence of citizenship and proof of finances available.
  2. Every visa holder must not intend to work for the same boss for more than 6 months.
  3. If the Brazilian is a highly qualified individual, they can qualify for the working occasion visa of Australia. Therefore, you can extend the stay for another 12 months.
  • New Zealand

New Zealand also arranges a working holiday visa for Brazilian citizens to stay in the country. You can stay in New Zealand for a period of 1 or 2 years. It is normal to appreciate the incredible ambiance and weather of the country. But to become eligible, you must intend to stay in the nation for a temporary period only. You must present proof that you are medically fit and hold an unexpired valid passport issued by the Brazilian Government. A clean record from the police department is a must. When entering the country, you must have sufficient funds to purchase the return ticket.

  • Canada

France is also a superb country to give you the working holiday visa for the residents in Brazil. You must put a profile on the IRCC site if you want to stay in Canada. You must remember that the work permit will not exceed the number of days of your visa. Furthermore, the upper cap of the age limit will be according to the laws of the particular land. If you are a Brazilian, you need to show that evidence of residence. The special working visa will approve your stay in Canada.

Moreover, none of your dependents must accompany you in this travelling period. Your bank statement must show that it has enough funds to cover the living expenses during your tenure of stay in Canada.

Other countries that issue such a fantastic working holiday visa to Brazilian citizens include Germany, France, and others.


You can easily understand the immense benefits of the working holiday visa for Brazilian citizens now. It makes you enjoy different aspects of life and let you take risks. Explore the unknown by connecting with new people without any geographical boundaries. Be it any country that approves the temporary entry of the Brazilians, you have to meet the specified requirements. If you are eligible, only then will you get the work permit. However, if you want to take the spouse, you must apply separately for another visa


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