If you are a citizen of Singapore and want to get a working holiday visa, you need to full fill few procedural formalities.
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Working Holiday Visa for Singaporeans

Last Updated on March 29, 2022 by Visa Journal

Are you a Singaporean who is looking to travel, explore and work at the same time? Are you aware of the Working holiday visas for Singaporeans offered by New Zealand and Australia, ?   If not, then read this article and soon you can be on your way to these countries.

What is a working holiday visa? 

Working holiday visas are temporary visas issued by various countries of the world to citizens of eligible countries. Working holiday visas allow the holder of the visa to stay in the host country for 12 – 36 months. During this time the visa holder can work as well in order to supplement their travel in that country. It is aimed at mobility of young people people between partner countries.

The usual  age range  for  applicants of a working holiday visa is 18 and 35 years. Moreover, this age must persist at the time of submitting the application.

New Zealand Working Holiday Visa for Singaporeans

  • Length of stay allowed : 6 months
  • Eligible age: between 18 – 30 years
  • Visa application fee : 280 NZD

New Zealand issues around 200 working holiday visas for Singaporeans every year under the Singapore Work Exchange Programme Visa.

Australia Working Holiday Visa for Singaporeans

This visa is also called as the sub class 462 visa by Australia.

  • Length of stay allowed : 12 months
  • Eligible Age: 18 – 30 years
  • Visa application fee : 495 AUD

Things to keep in mind before the application for a working holiday visa 

Before filling up the application forms, make sure to keep in mind a few things. Kindly ensure to fill up with the correct details failing which may result in you getting a visa refusal.

You must satisfy the following points to apply for this visa;-

  • Fulfill the age criteria at the time of visa application submission.
  • Meet the requirements for health
  • Provide a clean character certificate
  • Have a valid and unexpired passport issued by the Singapore Government
  • Must show evidence that you have enough funds to purchase the return tickets or already hold a ticket for the return journey
  • Have never entered the concerned country at any time before with the help of the working holiday visa
  • Must not enter the country with any dependent person or child
  • Qualified the functional English
  • Must be a genuine visitor

Detailed Application Process

Open the concerned website to fill out the working holiday visa form. If you are from Singapore and want to go to Australia, secure a visa appointment with the Australian Visa Application Center. Pay the application fees, amounting to AUD 440, equivalent to SGD 484, approximately. As you submit the necessary documents along with the form, a notification will arrive on your email from the Embassy.

The subsequent step is the generation of a Certificate of Clearance. However, you need to qualify for the health test to get this permit. In the present pandemic situation, a negative report of the COVID-19 and vaccination certificate is mandatory.

You need to take care of some points while joining a new job in a foreign country. These are;-

  • Apply for the concerned tax file number of the respective country
  • Open a temporary bank account in the country of stay to ensure receipt of the remuneration
  • Get a new sim card applicable in the country
  • Open an account for the retirement pension, that is, a superannuation account

After applying for the Tax File number, you will receive the number within 28 days.


A working holiday visa for Singaporeans is a fabulous way of working along with travelling. You are not utilizing the benefit when you are getting such a chance! This is the coolest way of enjoying a different lifestyle, versatile culture, getting acquainted with different people from various backgrounds, diversity in the landscapes, and others. Try also the local delicacies and be filled up with satisfaction.


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