The German Higher Education Entrance Qualification is one of the most fundamental prerequisites that all applicants seeking higher education in Germany must meet.
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German Higher Education Entrance Qualification

The German Higher Education Entrance Qualification (“Hochschulzugangsberechtigung”) is one of the most fundamental prerequisites that all applicants seeking higher education in Germany must meet. This admission qualification assesses whether your home country’s education, training, job experience, or studies are sufficient for studies at a German institution and if so, whether any limits apply.

You can use Uni-data assist’s base to understand what options are available to you. All you have to do now is enter the country where you earned your degrees and select the applicable options. Once you’ve completed this, you’ll have a broad idea of which courses are available. Please remember that this list does not include all German universities, but it is very good to have an overall view.

Courses and Exams for Obtaining the University Admission Qualification

It is possible that your documentation will be recognized for studies in Germany if you attend one of the following preparation courses (also known as a foundation course or fundamental course and commonly held as Studienkollegs) or provide a positive test result for TestAS.


One of the most prevalent ways to obtain eligibility to study at a German university is to participate in a Studienkolleg. In a Studienkolleg, you will gain the academic, professional, interpersonal, and language skills required for German studies’ success. The Studienkolleg typically lasts one to two semesters and concludes with an assessment test (Feststellungsprüfung) that must be passed in order to be admitted to a university.


You can also participate in the TestAS before completing your applications if you want to find out how good your prospects are for admission and successful studies in Germany. This test is divided into two sections: a general test that all participants must take and a subject-specific test that you must pick. Based on the questions answered, you can determine what is expected of you in German institutions and what you can expect when enrolling in a German university. You can also utilize this test as part of your university application, which may increase your chances of being accepted if your grades are good. Most institutions will be able to examine the results on TestAS’s website and will consider your skillset demonstrated in the test when evaluating your application.

It’s worth noting that some colleges may specifically suggest that you take this test, while others may not. Please keep in mind that this test is paper-based, that it only takes place on specific days, and that it will be administered in a test centre in your home country (if available). Also, keep in mind that the registration fee varies depending on which country you take the test in.

Language Proficiency Requirements

When applying to study in Germany, you will almost certainly be required to demonstrate that you have a specific level of German language proficiency. Again, it is up to your university to determine which level of German you must certify and which credentials they accept. The following certificates are often accepted:

Please keep in mind that some universities only offer English-language courses. You will most likely be required to demonstrate your English abilities rather than your German abilities in certain circumstances. However, learning German is always beneficial when studying here to navigate the country more easily. It is usually a good idea to check with the university ahead of time to see what standards you must meet and which documents and credentials are acceptable.

Germany Student Visa Process and Requirements

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