An invitation letter for a USA visa application, written by a citizen or lawful resident, can be a valuable contribution on the visa file.
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Invitation Letter for USA Visa Application Including Sample

An Invitation Letter for USA Visa application for a visitor/tourist visa, written by a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States, can be a valuable contribution to the visa file. It can be advantageous since it clearly demonstrates to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that the visitor will have a residency (temporary) after being accepted into the United States and that the visitor has a specific departure date. In this post, we’ll look at what constitutes a good letter, as well as a sample invitation letter to get you started.

Required Information on the Invitation Letter

For B-2 visitor visa/tourist visa application, the letter of invitation is merely a write up by the host in the United States to establish that the visitor/guest will have a place to stay during his or her visit to the country of origin. Generally speaking, an invitation letter written by a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States is considered more credible. The letter should indicate that the host is willing and able to accommodate the visitors for the duration of their visit, as specified in the itinerary. The host may specify certain dates or a general time during which the visitor is permitted to remain on the premises. It’s also a good idea to mention the relationship between each other. As, it is not mandatory to submit an invitation letter, therefore, there are no strict standards for the letter.

Information Required from the Guest

The following information from the person you’re inviting (guest) must be included:

  • Complete legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Residential address
  • Phone number
  • Your relationship to the person
  • The purpose of the trip
  • Indented duration of stay in USA
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • How he or she intends to pay for things
  • and when the person intends to leave USA

Information Required from the Host

You must include the following personal information as a Host:

  • Complete legal name
  • Date of birth
  • USA residential address
  • Contact number
  • Job title
  • Your status in USA (USA citizen/green card holder),
  • A photocopy or scan document validating your status in USA

USA letter of Invitation Sample

**First Page**

To: {Name of Guest(s)}

{Address of Guest(s)} in their Country of Residence

{Phone # of Guest(s)}


Subject: Letter of Invitation


To whom it may concern,


This is to certify that {Name of Guest(s)} will be visiting {Name of Host(s)} in {City of Residence}, USA from {Date of Arrival} to {Date of Departure}. {Explain your relationship to your Guest(s): Family ties, the time you know the guest(s), how you know each other, etc.}. {Name of Guest(s)} will be staying at my residence for the duration of their stay. {Explain what activities are planned during your stay in USA: visit any particular city, state, etc.}

Please find enclosed to this letter proof of my{Host(s)} legal status in USA. You will also find my my{Host(s)} personal information as well as those of my guest(s).


If you require any additional information, please do let me know.


Kind regards,


{Name of Host(s)}





** Second Page**


Guest Information:

  • Name: 
  • Passport #:
  • Date of birth: 
  • Address and telephone number: 
  • Relationship to the guest: 
  • Purpose of travel: {visiting family, friends, tourism, etc.}
  • Duration of stay:
  • Address of stay: {Address where the guest will stay at}
  • Financial Support: {who will pay for all his/her/their expenses, etc.}
  • Date of departure from USA:

 Host Information:

  • Name: 
  • Date of birth: 
  • Address and telephone number in USA: 
  • Job title: 
  • Legal status in USA: 
  • Green Card #/ USA Passport #:


The above Invitation Letter for USA Visa Application is just intended to serve as a guide. You can add the details as per the situation.


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