If you will take longer than planned to complete your studies, then you must request to extend your Canadian study permit at least 30 days before it expires.
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Process and Requirements to Extend Canadian Student Visa

Your current study permit’s expiration date indicates when you must complete your study and leave Canada and whether you need to extend your Canadian student visa/permit or not. The expiry date is noticeable on the top right corner of your permit. This date is usually 90 days plus the length of your academic programme. These 90 days can be used to prepare and depart Canada or to plan the continuation of your stay as a worker/visitor as applicable.

When should you Extend Canadian Student Visa?

If you want to continue studying, you must request an extension at least 30 days before your permit expires.

1. Check to see if your passport and your visa are both due to expire simultaneously. Your study permit will not be renewed beyond the expiration date of your passport.

2. You can continue to study under the same circumstances as your current study permission until IRCC make a decision if you apply before your permit expires. This is only valid for the duration of your stay in Canada.

Note: If you finish your studies ahead of schedule, your study permit will expire 90 days after you finish your studies, whichever comes first: the date on the permit or 90 days from the date on the permit.

When does the 90-day period start?

The 90-day period begins when you receive your first notification from your institution (such as an email, letter, transcript, or another form of notification) indicating you have completed your programme or when you receive your degree, diploma, or certificate. If you can’t present a document when your school initially endorsed the completion of your study program, IRCC will use the educational document’s earliest issuance date. They may check with the school to confirm the date if required.

When to Request for Extension?

If you will take longer than planned to complete your studies in Canada, you must request to extend a Canadian student visa at least 30 days before it expires.

How to apply for a Study Permit Extension

To extend your study permit, you must preferably apply online. Few benefits of applying online are as follows;

  • There are no courier expenses or mail delivery times because we receive your application immediately.
  • It’s possible that your application will be handled more rapidly.
  • It assists you in ensuring that your application is complete before submitting it.
  • You can easily submit extra papers via the internet (if we ask you to).
  • Your online account will keep you up to date on the status of your application.

Step 1: Double-check that you have everything you require

You’ll need a scanner or camera to make electronic copies of your documents and a credit or debit card that is legitimate.

Step 2: Read the instruction manual

Even if you apply online to extend Canadian student visa, you should read the IRCC instructions before proceeding to the next step. Each field on the form is explained in detail in the handbook.

Step 3: Use the online tool to Prepare Your Customized Checklist

You must first answer a few questions before you can upload your forms. The “Check your eligibility” tool will prepare a customized document checklist for you based on your responses. Other than the normal profile and status questions, you might be asked the following;

  • If you’ve supplied Immigration Canada your biometrics (fingerprints and photo) in the previous ten years. If you choose “No,” you will be charged a biometrics fee in addition to the study permit processing fee on your Document Checklist. You should receive a Biometrics Instruction Letter (BIL) with details on how to have your biometrics gathered once you submit your application. Use the “Find out if your biometrics are still valid” tool if you can’t remember whether or not your biometrics are still valid.
  • If you’d like to apply for a work permit as well. Select “Yes, I want to apply for a Co-Op Work Permit” if you are required to complete a mandated work component as part of your programme of study.
  • If you’ve had a medical examination by a panel physician in the previous 12 months. Answer “Yes” if you have taken such a test. You’ll need to upload proof of the medical checkup afterwards. A medical exam may be required if you have lived in a designated country or territory for a period of 6 months or more in the previous years and/or plan to work in particular industries and/or your programme involves a necessary job component. The tool will assess your profile and will let you know if you need any medical exam or not.

Once the above steps are completed, you will receive your Document Checklist and personal reference code at the completion of the questionnaire, that will be used in the next step.

Step 4: Create or login in to your online IRCC Account

To apply online, you must first create an account on the IRCC website and use the personal reference code that you have generated through above step to pull your information and document checklist to your account. Through this account, you will be able to;

  • Upload the documents
  • Fill and provide the required IRCC Forms
  • Pay your fees
  • Check the progress of your application after submitting it.

Step 5: Fill out and upload the Form “IMM5709”

Fill out all the details on the form IMM5709 “Application to Change Conditions, Extend My Stay, or Remain in Canada as a Student,” and validate the form once you will complete it. A bar code will appear once the form is validated correctly. We recommend that you use Adobe Acrobat Pdf for completing this or any other form.

Step 6: Upload all other documents on the portal

Now you need to complete and provide the following requested documents in the portal;

  • (If you’re a re-enrollment student) A letter of confirmation of enrolling in a future term, known as a Proof of Enrolment letter. In the “Letter of Acceptance” section, upload the Proof of Enrolment Letter.  You can add a Proof of Enrolment Letter for your current semester if your study permit expires in the middle of a semester.
  • For Quebec students – CAQ *The document must be valid beyond the expiration date of your existing study permit. If you recently renewed your CAQ, you can use your “CAQ Approval Letter.”
  • If applicable – Letter from your department or faculty verifying that you are required to work as part of your programme. In the “Work Requirement Study Section”, upload the letter.
  • If applicable – Proof of a pre-employment medical examination. If you lived or travelled in a designated nation or territory for 6 months or more in the previous year, or if you want to work in jobs that need a medical exam, this is required (e.g. some Co-Op placements, work as a babysitter, etc.)
  • In the “Client Information” area, upload an explanation letter and other supporting documentation as required (If you have lost your status and are applying to regain it; or if you previously overstayed your stay in Canada; or if you previously studied and/or worked without authorization, and so on)

Step 7: Proceed with Submission of Application

After completing the above steps, submit your electronic signature and pay the applicable fees. You will receive a message verifying that your application has been successfully transmitted when you pay the fees. After you submit your application, you will receive an email confirmation in your online account. Also, you will receive a notification in your online portal once your application is approved and any further instructions that you might need to follow.

Step 8: Renew your TRV (if applicable).

To re-enter Canada after a trip to any other country, you may need a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV/Entry Visa) or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), depending on your country of citizenship. TRV is a sticker that is added to your passport.


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