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Understanding Express Entry Pool

Express Entry Pool is a place to hold all the candidates that shows interest in Canadian Immigration. Express Entry is an algorithm that is created to rate the candidates in the pool based on their comprehensive ranking score (CRS).

Note: Acceptance into the candidate pool DOES NOT GUARANTEE an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

Baseline Program to Qualify for Express Entry Pool:

To be entered into the Express Entry candidate pool, a candidate must meet the standards of one of the three programmes listed below:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canada Experience Class Program

Candidates are no longer required to register with the Job Bank of Employment and Social Development Canada. However, they are strongly advised also to submit a profile to the Job Bank, particularly if:

  • They have not yet received a job offer.
  • They lack nomination for permanent residence from a provincial or territorial administration.

After Admission to the pool:

Candidates will receive a personal reference code to register with the Government of Canada’s employment bank if required. They will be assigned a point score based on the information submitted in their online profiles. The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is used to assign applicants points (CRS). The CRS estimates the applicant’s likelihood of success in Canada.

Applicants with a score among the highest in the pool will be invited to submit an application for permanent residency. Only individuals in the pool who have been invited to apply will be permitted to submit a permanent residence application.

The total number of candidates asked to submit an application from the pool will depend on:

  • The capacity of the government to process applications, and
  • Canada’s immigration targets are set annually.
  • In addition, applications will be selected from the pool based on:
  • The cutoff scores used in a periodic drawing utilizing the Comprehensive Ranking System and,
  • Candidates’ scores for skilled immigration programmes under the Express Entry system.

A quick glance of how the Express entry system works has been illustrated below;

Expiry of Express Entry Profile:

Applicants who have been in the pool for a year without receiving an invitation to apply will be withdrawn from the pool and their Express Entry profile will be erased. If they choose to submit a fresh skilled immigration application, these applicants must then construct a new online Express Entry profile.

Applicants in the pool can increase their chances of getting an ITA by:

  • Acquiring employment in Canada
  • Obtaining a provincial government’s nomination for permanent residence
  • Improving their results on language tests
  • Increasing one’s education
  • Gaining more experience on the job
  • Adding a spouse or common-law partner to an application may enhance or lower the applicant’s score, depending on the spouse’s or partner’s:
  • Learn French and get results
  • Improving Education
  • Probability of establishing a profitable business in Canada.

Updating Express Entry Profile

The applicants in the pool are responsible for maintaining the accuracy of their online profiles at all times. All applicants are required to update their Express Entry profile if:

  • Their employment experience evolves.
  • They obtain updated language exam results.
  • They acquire a new academic certificate.
  • There has been a shift in their family structure, such as: marriage, divorce, a family child is no longer a dependent.

Applicants who fail to update their profiles risk having their out-of-date information utilized in an application for permanent residency. This use of obsolete facts in an application for permanent residency may constitute deception. Application denial is always the result of falsification. Moreover, other potential effects of deception include:

  • Finding the applicant inadmissible to Canada
  • The applicant will be denied entry to Canada for five years.