Their are certain parameters that are needed to fulfilled to qualify for OCI card also known as Overseas Citizenship of India.
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Qualification Criteria for OCI Card India

Qualification Criteria for PIO /OCI Card

Foreigners who belong to one of the following groups can get an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card:

  • who was a citizen of India on or after January 26, 1950, when the Constitution of India went into effect; or
  • who could become an Indian citizen on January 26, 1950
  • who lived on land that became part of India after August 15, 1947
  • who is a citizen’s child, grandchild, or great grandchild
  • who is a minor child of one of the above people
  • who is under 18 and whose parents are both Indian citizens or one of the parents is an Indian citizen.
  • spouse of foreign origin of a citizen of India or spouse of foreign origin of an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) Cardholder registered under section 7A of India’s Citizenship Act, 1955, and whose marriage has been registered and continued for at least two years before the OCI application.

Who Are Not Qualified for OCI Card?

No person, who or either of whose parents or grandparents or great grandparents is or had been a citizen of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan China, Iran, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Nepal or any other such country as per the Government of India notification in the Official Gazette, shall be eligible for registration as an OCI Cardholder.

OCI Card Benefits:

There are certain benefits for OCI card holders;

  • OCI cardholders don’t need a visa to enter India for 15 years after card issuance.
  • They are not required to register at FRRO/FRO if their stay does not exceeds 180 days, Incase if the stay exceeds 180 days, they shall have to register with FRRO/ FRO within the next 30 days.
  • They enjoy economic, financial, and educational parity with NRIs (Non-resident of India), for example in acquisition, holding, transfer, and disposal of Indian immovables, excluding agricultural/plantation holdings. Also, admission of NRI children to medical and engineering colleges, IITs, IIMs, etc. under general category quota. Moreover, they get benefits of availing various housing schemes of LIC of India, State Government
    and Central Government agencies. All future benefits that would be exempted to NRIs would also be available to the OCI card holders.

Note: OCIs can’t work for the government or hold constitutional office. Mountaineering, missionary work, research, and visiting restricted areas in India require authorization.

Application Processing Fees:

Sr NoServiceAmount payable to Consulate General of India - Toronto (Fees (CAD$)
1OCI Card345
2Miscellaneous OCI (re-issue of OCI)35
3Issue of duplicate OCI card in case of Loss/Damage of OCI documents128
4Fee for OCI in lieu of PIO cards128