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Canada Working Holiday Visa Guide for UK Nationals

Are you a young brit who wants to travel and work abroad? Have you considered Canada as an option? Yes or no, read this article and we will tell you about the amazing working holiday visa by Canada for UK nationals.

What is the Canadian Working Holiday Visa?

It is an open work permit that is offered by the Government of Canada for citizens of UK and some 30 other countries. On this visa you can move to Canada and have complete work rights to work anywhere in Canada for any employer. You are free to travel across the country and explore while taking up any kind of jobs. This is offered under Canada’s International Experience Canada (IEC) program.

This is such an amazing opportunity for UK nationals to obtain work rights for Canada for 24 months. During this time one can gain work experience in Canada, earn for your travel and living in Canada and gain valuable exposure and life experiences.

Canada Working Holiday Visa Requirements For UK

The requirements for UK nationals to apply for the working holiday visa of Canada are as follows

  • UK nationals who are aged between 18 to 30 can apply for the working holiday visa Canada.
  • Must have a valid UK passport.
  • Must have proof of funds for 2500 C$.
  • Will require private health insurance for the entire duration of stay once in Canada.
  • Must be of clean criminal record from the past.
  • Must not apply for the visa along with their dependents.

    Duration of Stay in Canada on Working Holiday Visa

    Under the Working holiday visa category, UK nationals are allowed to stay for 24 months in Canada on an open work permit. During these 24 months you can work and take breaks as you wish. You are also allowed to work for multiple employers and whatever job you wish to do.

    Documents Needed to Apply

    The documents needed to apply for Canada’s working holiday visa from UK are similar to what other nationals need. The following list provides what you will need for your application

    • UK Passport
    • Proof of financial support: You will need to show bank statement with at least 2500 C$
    • Canada immigration medical exam: UK nationals are not required to provide medical exam as such, until unless you wish to work in a job that is focused on kids or elderly. Our suggestion is to take the IRCC medical exam anyhow. This will increase your job prospects, once in Canada on the working holiday visa.
    • Police Certificate From UK : You need to provide a recent police certificate from UK when you get invited under working holiday visa. If you have lived in any other country for a straight 6 months or more in the last 5 five years then you will need police certificate from there as well.
    • Resume: You need to provide a personal resume.
    • Digital photo
    • Family information form

      How to apply for Canadian working holiday visa from UK?

      The working holiday visa for Canada can be applied online by making a profile with the Canadian immigration. Once you create your profile you will then wait for the draws. If picked in a draw you will get an Invitation to apply ( ITA) in your online account. Applicants have 10 days to decide if they wish to accept the ITA. Once the ITA is accepted you will have 20 days to submit your Canadian Working holiday visa application as a UK national.

      You may wish to watch the video by Canada based immigration consultant for more details on the Working holiday visa program for Canada.


      Working Holiday Visa Canada from UK in 2023

      The 2023 season for working holiday visa of Canada will start from 9 January 2023. This year the Canadian government has announced an increase of 20% spots for IEC Canada program compared with last year. UK nationals have a large quota every year. It is very important to get the profile made properly and well in time so that the applicant has higher chances of being picked in the draws. Keep in mind the applicants are picked on random basis from the pool of applicants. So earlier you get in the better you chances of being picked.