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How to Apply for Super Visa

Last Updated on February 25, 2023 by Visa Journal

Are you considering applying for Super visa for your parents, and are confused about the process? This article will guide you on all that you need to know about the super visa for parents and on how to apply for them. Kee reading!

What is Super Visa Canada

Super visa is a Canadian temporary visa that can be granted to parents and grandparents of Canadian permanent residents and citizens. Through this visa Canadian PR and citizens can have their parents come to Canada and stay with them for long term. Super visa has the following features

  • Multiple entry visa
  • Valid for upto 10 years from the date of grant
  • Single stay duration can be as much as 5 years

Eligibility for Super Visa

To apply for the Super visa of Canada there are certain eligibility requirements that must be fulfilled. These requirements are

  • The applicant(s) who are applying for the super visa must be parents or grandparents of a Canadian PR or citizen.
  • The applicant of visa must have a signed visa support letter from the Canadian child/grandchild. The letter must provide the following details
    • An acknowledgment form the sponsor in Canada that he/she will provide financial support to the invited parent/grandparent for the duration of their stay in Canada.
    • The family size of the sponsor.
    • Proof of Canadian PR/citizenship for the sponsor.
  • Obtain medical insurance from a Canadian company. This insurance must
    • Be paid for at the time of visa application. Just a quote from insurance provider is not acceptable.
    • Be valid for a period of at least 1 year from the date the visa applicant(s) enter Canada.
    • Must have coverage of at least 100,000 $ for a medical emergency.

How to apply for Super Visa Canada

To apply for a super visa the applicant must be outside Canada when they submit the application. Super visa cannot be applied for individuals who are already in Canada. If your parents are currently visiting Canada then you may wait till they return back to their home country, and then you submit the super visa application.

The first step in applying for the super visa is to gather the require documents that you will need as part of the super visa application. These documents are as follows

  • Super visa support letter from the sponsor.
  • Proof of income for the Canadian sponsor. This may include the following
    • Most recent Notice of Assessment.
    • Statement of Employment insurance benefit.
    • Letter from the employer mentioning salary, job title, job responsibilities, date of joining.
    • Recent pay stubs.
    • Bank statements.
  • Documented proof showing purchase of medical insurance for the applicant while they will be in Canada.
  • Immigration medical examination for the applicant. This can be done through a panel physician based in the country of residence of the applicant.

To apply for super visa the applicant will need to submit online application on their own or through a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. If applying on own the process will be as follows

  • Create an online account with IRCC
  • Start an application for Super visa on the IRCC portal
  • Complete the various forms required as part of your super visa application
  • Scan and upload the documents listed above as well as any other supporting document
  • Pay fees for your super visa, and biometrics if needed.
  • Submit the super visa application on the IRCC portal.

After submission of online application

After the application submission an acknowledgement of receipt is issued by IRCC. Applicant will be issued a case file number and and a UCI number that can be used to track the application. After this you need to wait on the processing of application. The processing times of super visa can vary drastically based on applicant’s country of citizenship, country of residence, and the various factors in personal history of the applicant.

To check the average processing you can visit the IRCC processing time tool.

How to Calculate Family Size for Super Visa

Before applying for super visa an important thing to do is to calculate the income required by the sponsor based on his/her family size. There is always much confusion about how to do this, precisely what is the number of family members for this purpose. The size of family will include the following

  • The sponsor
  • Spouse and dependents of the sponsor
  • The invited parent(s) or grand parent(s)
  • Any dependent child(ren) that the invited parents or grandparents have and travelling with them
  • Any other person(s) that the sponsor is currently sponsoring/co-sponsoring for a family class immigration application.

As an example if a sponsor is married and had one kid and he/she is inviting both of his parents. Then the family size will be a total of 5 people for this application.

Income required for Super Visa Canada

The income that is needed to apply for the super visa depends on two things. First, the Low Income Cut Off (LICO) as issued by the Government of Canada. Second, the size of the family as calculated using the method mentioned above.

The LICO table is issued every year with an update in the income required for the number of family members. The current LICO for 2022 is as below

Size of FamilyMinimum Annual Gross Income (CAD$)
1 Person$26,620
2 Persons$33,140
3 Persons$40,742
4 Persons$49,466
5 Persons$56,104
6 Persons$63,276
7 Persons$70,448
More than 7 Persons, for each additional $7,172

Super Visa Insurance

If one is applying for super visa then the requirement is to have at least 100,000 $ in coverage, and has to be issued by a Canadian insurance company. As visitors in Canada are not covered under the government health care system so they need private health coverage. This is if they are faced with a health emergency and need to be hospitalized or treated then this insurance will pay for that.

Reason for Refusal of Super Visa Canada

Super visa is a temporary visa and like any other temporary visa of Canada the applicant must satisfy the visa officer that they are likely to return back to their country of origin. If an applicant is not able to prove this well enough in their application there is a great likelihood that the super visa application will get refused. So, it is very important to understand well as to ho w to apply for super visa in a way that you can convince the visa officer that your are only looking at being in Canada as a temporary entrant. Some of the reasons that can lead to the refusal are

  • Weak economic ties with home country
  • Weak family ties with home country
  • Medical inadmissibility
  • Criminal inadmissibility

To avoid the possibility of rejection on your super visa application, it is advised that you use the services of Canadian immigration expert, such as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. As experts in the field they know how to apply for super visa in a way that you have the best possible chances of obtaining the visa in the first submission. You may consult with Hassan Shariq (RCIC) at Shariq Immigration Consulting as he has expertise in applying for super visas. You can book an initial consultation with him where he can guide you on how to better apply for the super visa for your parents.

Common questions about Super Visa

No, super visa application must be made while the applicant is outside Canada.

Super visa processing times vary depending on the country of nationality and residence of the applicant. It can take few months to a year.

No, super visa holders are not allowed to work in Canada.

Yes, like any other visa, super visa may also be rejected.

Yes, it is a multiple entry visa.

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