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The US tourist visa is a visa that caters to non-immigrants and those who want to stay in the US for a short while.
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US Tourist Visa Documents Requirement

There are plenty of attractions in the US that lure travelers from across the globe. You may also visit friends and family there. Apart from leisure tours, many people visit the US. For more serious pursuits like medical treatment. The US B2 visa is ideal for such people. The US […]

The photo requirements for US visa vary depending on the visa type, it is important that you pick the right requirement.
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US Visa Photo Requirements

It depends on the type of US visa and the Embassy where you are applying from, which guides the photo requirement. It may be referring to physical as well as digital photos. If the Embassy says that you need to produce a physical one for a certain type of visa, […]

When you apply for a US visa, and the visa is approved, you can later pick it up from a pick-up point designated by the authorities.
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Passport Tracking For US Visa

Getting your passport back after getting visa approval is something that most foreign travelers will ask about. After you attend the interview with your interviewing officer, the officer will keep the passport and the documents for further processing. You can later pick it up from a pick-up point designated by […]